Innovation in insurance: The end of insurance as we know it

What will our “new normal” look like?  It’s easy to speculate but hard to see clearly today.  What is certain is that the insurance industry must continue to innovate – it is an imperative.  How to accomplish this over the next two years while we wait for our post-pandemic world to materialize is a key question that this series from Efma hopes to provide some answers for.  In the following interviews, you will hear from several insurers on the way they innovative and are preparing their organizations for the future in spite of present risks and uncertainty.  This is, in fact, the very defining characteristic of the insurance industry – managing risk in the face of large and uncertain outcomes.

This Voice of the Members paper by Rob Galbraith will include exclusive interviews with senior executives at Aflac Japan, Ageas, Allianz France, BNP Paribas Cardif, Fidelidade, Generali, MAPFRE, MassMutual, Sompo and Zurich.

Publish date: 30 September 2020
Theme : Innovation