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Krungsri Digital Homeloan (Di-Sales & Krungsri Homeloan Connect)

Phygital Distribution & Experience
Digital/Mobile channels Mortgage Nominated

Elevator pitch

Providing better customer experience in mortgage journey using “Di-Sales” and connecting it with home buying journey using “Krungsri Homeloan Connect”.

Innovation presentation

It all began with our so-called "Greyhound" project which was the market research in 2017 on Mortgage customer experiences. The results showed that all commercial banks did not do well on 3 areas in Mortgage journey, which were firstly customers felt that bank staffs were not energetic and had no service-minded, secondly customers felt that bank staffs did not inform them about terms and conditions, expenses, etc. throughout the mortgage process, and lastly customers felt that bank staffs did not follow up about customer applications and statuses. It had made us realized that to win over mortgage customers, we need to improve our customer experience through our bank sales staffs and business partners.

Therefore, we, Mortgage Digitization team, found new value propositions, which were to improve our Mortgage customer journey and connect it with home buying journey. This program was called “Krungsri Digital Homeloan”. We were also the first local bank who could connect Home Buying with Mortgage Journeys and streamline the processes in between. Before we started this program, Mortgage Products of Krungsri bank were at fourth rank in term of market shares and sales volumes. By the end of 2018 the market grew 11%, but our market shares grew 34% and moved us up to the second rank.

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