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PeoPay KIDS app

Offering Innovation 2021
Card Digital Payments/Wallet Savings Youth

Elevator pitch

A pioneer solution, which helps children take their first steps in the world of mobile finance.

Innovation presentation

New technologies and their use have been an important element of Bank Pekao's development for years. Pekao is also constantly trying to reach new target groups, hence it decided to implement the PeoPay KIDS package - an advanced system for the youngest recipients - children aged 6-13 and their parents. The most important element of this package is a modern educational mobile application which introduces the child to the complicated world of finance, teaching them about money and showing how to save it. The app provides a wide range of functions for kids, with account balance and history, transfers, top-ups, and a savings management tool. Kids that use the app will also be provided with their own, dedicated PeoPay KIDS card that is linked to their account. Beyond providing the essential money tools, Bank Pekao has developed virtual coaches that will provide guided messages, hints, and education about how to intelligently manage finances.

What is extremely important, all operations performed by the youngest take place under their parent's supervision. PeoPay KIDS is connected with mobile PeoPay banking and online banking Pekao24, providing parents with access to the Parent's Panel in which they can monitor their kids’ activity. They can check their child’s expenses there, see the account balance, see what they save money for, or set the function available for the child. At the same time, they can set a spending limit on the child's payment card, make a quick transfer to their account or order permanent pocket money in the form of a recurring payment. The child can also request an internal transfer that the parent can approve, reject or change its parameters. On top of that, the opening of the account is done entirely remotely, with no need to visit a bank branch.

The project is the result of the market research any many interviews with children and their parents. Children today grow up surrounded by new technologies. It is completely normal to them. Therefore, it is natural that modern solutions are the easiest way to introduce kids into the world of finance.

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