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Robotic Process Automation

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
Nominated Operational Excellence/Cost Efficiency Robotics/AI

Elevator pitch

As a step for Akbank’s far-reaching digital transformation programme, automation of repetitive and rule-based business processes with various lines of business and applications using Robotic Process Automation tool under a comprehensive governance model

Innovation presentation

“Robots” are not just physical tools anymore such that in many shapes and forms of robots are materialized at Akbank. Apart from physical robots Akbank utilized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology as a flexible and low-cost tool for agile automation of front and back office business processes while leveraging multiple systems, users and platforms. Avoiding high costs of IT projects, RPA has initiated more strategic workforce management, better compliance to rigorous legal and regulatory requirements, operational excellence, and above all, increased customer experience.

They are not just 24 hours operational “robots” they are “co-bots”, our very new and technologic colleagues. They have employee id like 14K other Akbank employees. They are designed to work with and assist human beings by completing a triggered task from an employee or trigger a process themselves and complete it after human involvement, rather than work autonomously.

Since July 2018, Akbank Robotics Team has deployed 14 automations (30 sub-processes) without changing the IT environment. Achieving the savings of 513 hours per day of total time, employees now have more time to focus on more complex and value-added services and customer interactions. RPA is defined as one of the pillars Akbank’s ambitious digital transformation programme. To increase the scope and impact of RPA in our organization, the two techniques followed in the automation industry, OCR and ICR are planned to be used in combination with AI facilities.

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